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jj Bromley Blog Post image 06/03/19

Time to replace the locks?

More often than not the locks, even though the main security to our homes often gets overlooked.
The top reasons you should consider getting your locks changed and or upgraded are;

Moved into a new home (to be sure you know who has keys!) it is surprising how many people don’t bother to do this, even though buying a property is usually the largest single purchase you will ever make!

Lost or stolen keys. For obvious reasons you should change the lock.

Wear and tear. We frequently receive calls from customers unable to gain access, due to locks breaking. Quite often a customer admits the lock has been ‘dodgy for some time and wishes they had had it fixed before.

Like most things, locks do usually have a life span and to avoid getting locked out unnecessary, we would strongly advise you, to ensure all your locks are changed, repaired, upgraded, before they fail. Doing it this way makes it usually cheaper and more convenient as you can make an appointment to suit you.

At JJ Locksmiths we always try and replace locks like for like, use British Standard approved locks and use non-destructive entry techniques where possible.

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